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Learn Your Craft

I had to literally go back to school at home and teach myself how to use various software. I knew this was going to be the most challenging part. If you are not computer savvy, then the learning curve is much harder. The good thing is I have always been pretty good with various software, so this comes easy to me. So far I have begun to teach myself to use music production software. I am learning how to model and create 3D characters. The next step is creating the sets that the characters are in, and finally animating the character. The next thing I have to teach myself is the video editing and within the editing is the sound synchronization. Sounds complicated? Well it is!! Its not impossible, but its a monumental task for one person to do. I'm only doing this alone for now, until I can show people my vision. Once I achieve that then I can assemble a small team of people who will be dedicated to assist me.

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