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Meet Gabe AraQue' professionally known as    I-Roc-Aye.  He is a Dee Jay, Music Producer, Song Writer , Lyricist and also a Graphics Artist.


I-Roc-Aye has been in the music business for 40+ years and has performed at all types of venues primarily as a Dee Jay.  

He is now currently expanding his skills to Graphic Novels and Animation.

You can explore his new creation known as a Virtual Artist, who will perform and sing to his original music.  He plans to push this concept to the level of which the music is so great that his fans would love to see the Virtual Man live.


When I was 12 years old growing up in Queens New York, I was at the heart of the very beginings of the Dee Jay revolution.  I used to Dj with Vinyl records and also doubled as the MC.


Music always had a magical effect on me,the feel good songs to lift up your spirits or a classic favorite that will take you back in time.

My only desire is to play and make great music for all people.

It is my passion to make you feel good with positive songs.


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