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Birth of a New Generation performer...

An idea that stays stuck in your head cannot be appreciated unless you can share it with the world....

I had this concept stuck in my head for years, and I believed that it was not possible to bring it to life until one day I saw this virtual band called the Gorillaz.

I said to myself "Damn! there goes another person with the same concepts as me!" But I have no proof to back my claim. Why? Cause it was all still stuck in my head! Matters got worse one day when I started to think outside the box and wondered; what if I can make a character and make him into a hologram and perform live on stage? I tried to explain this to family and friends. And by the looks on their faces, they couldn't grasp my vision. Then on day while searching the internet, I came across my concept already in full use in Japan. It was everything that I had imagined and more. Her name was "Hatsune Miku" Now she is pretty impressive but with a big difference from my concept. Her entire being is completely artificial. Right down to her voice. My idea was to use more realistic voices, dance moves and music. So that's what would set my idea apart from the Gorillaz and Hatsune Miku. They're successful in their own respective rights and audience. But not what I completely envisioned. Which is good for me. But then I saw the Tupac, Whitney Houston and my idol Michael Jackson's holograms!

I was like "WOW! This is what i was talking about!" They looked real and had real voices and moves.

But I immediately knew that something was wrong, people might not accept dead performers as holograms. And I'm pretty sure that I am right. Humans have a frame of reference to compare the holograms to, not to mention the creepy feeling it leaves you watching them. So I applauded the effort and somehow gained confidence about my idea. He will be unique, not a spin-off of existing concepts and he will have a backstory to support him in the form of a graphic novel. He will the best of both worlds, audio and visual. This will be my legacy as the birth of a new generation of perfomer...


Here I have my original concept art for IROCAYE, but the kids say he looks too creepy. I guess it was the smirk?

Here is my final version of the Avatar, complete with his Galaxy Suit.

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