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Hey Mr Dee Jay

If you don't already know, I am also a DJ. A Mobile DJ, not a club or tour DJ.

So I have to do all of the work myself. From the moment I acquire a client, I am working diligently to get the right music and set up my playlist for the big event. This is the sort of back office work that us DJ's do that the client never sees and quite frankly couldn't care less about. All they know is I hired you to play music and it better be good! Never mind the client who is late to their own event, or some unruly guest that insists that I only play their music at this very moment. You have to have be pretty gutsy to stand in front of strangers and play songs that you think they will like and keep a straight face when they don't like it. My rant could go on with the horror stories to tell but, at the end of the day I look back and say to myself "Boy, I must really like what I do"

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