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The Plan

My main super duper idea is to create this character or avatar as they say. His purpose is to be his own persona. This is not the first time this concept has been done. We have a Japanese female character that is a massive success in Japan. She has millions of followers and her music and voice is computerized.

You can look her up online by searching for a vocaloid. She also performs live as a hologram and her concerts are packed with cheering fans. Another form of this concept is from Europe. They are a virtual band consisting of four members. Most of the vocals are by one person, and the rest of the band is hired studio musicians. Plus they tend to have guest artists performing on their songs They are not 3D animated and they look like a alien punk band. They have millions of fans as well. When they tour, they also use the hologram technology on stage. All of these concepts are brilliant. And proof positive that it works. My concept will try to slightly improve on what it could be lacking. Since I have actually performed on stage before and definitely seen tons of concerts. My concept will take it up a notch by making the character dance more realistically and give him a backstory. The backstory will fill in the gaps for the music videos and will help people connect better with him.

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