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Finding Inspiration

I have a ton of inspiration, or at least that's what my mind tells me. Sometimes I tend to blur the definition of inspiration, motivation and creativity. They all merge into one form for me and that's when I run into trouble. I have to remember to discipline myself to keep these rules separate and apply them in my goals. Anything can inspire me in so many different ways since I tend to dream big. If I hear a nice melody, then I feel like creating a song just from that little clip. If I walk into a art store, then I feel like designing a nice background for a CD cover. And when I go to the movies, oh boy my head starts to really grind. Looking at all these scenes zipping by with tons of action and no real good story-line. I feel I can tell a better story without relying on million dollar effects. Stuff that would make you say; "Man that was a good story!" I've learned to take these and make them work for me.

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